Aerial Photography

Interesting new pilot job posted on for an aerial photography pilot.  Its a low time pilot job opportunity requiring ony 450 hours.  Anyone ever do aerial photography that tell us what the job is like?  Please post your comments below. 

Here is a link to the job posting:  Aerial Photography Pilot Job


New Low time Pilot Job Postings

Hello low time pilot friends!  Found to new low time pilot jobs on my favorite website available for free.  Thought I would share them with you:

Survey/Aeriel Photo Pilot

Fixed-wing Instructor

You can apply for these two jobs completely free which is very helpful for many of us.  Let us know if any of you are able to get an interview for one of these two jobs.  Would love to hear all about it!

Find Low Time Pilot Jobs!

One of the hardest things to do after earning your commercial pilots license is finding a job!  You have enough experience to earn your ratings per the FAA but not enough experience to find a pilot job easily.  Don’t despair!  There are resources available to you to help you find the pilot job you are looking for even if you have low flying time.  One of the websites we highly recommend for low time pilot jobs is  We know there are many pilot job boards popping up on the Internet, but none feature more low time pilot jobs than this one.

In addition to hosting a pilot jobs board with many low time pilot jobs, they also feature pilot interview gouges, airline pilot pay rates, resume creation services, forums, blog, webinars and much more.

If you have not visited this fantastic website yet, we highly recommend that you do!